The Office Voyeur. (new series)

In my line of work EVERYONE I coach and consult with wants to know… “Am I the worst you’ve ever seen?”  Most of the time the answer is no.  :)

So, I thought it would be fun and validating to you all if you got to see inside some other people’s office spaces… I’m starting a new series called The Office Voyeur.  Each month I”ll pick someone – a client, friend, family member (be afraid Steve Caputo, be very afraid), or maybe a stranger with a cool office who will let me in and I’ll take a few photos and highlight the fun stuff for you.  This way you can see for yourself how you stack up!  Got a cool office and want to have it in the series?  Email me at

For this first inaugural post, my friend and fellow entrepreneur/working mama Justina Pham, DDS (that’s dentist letters) volunteered to highlight her office.   She re-did the entire space.  We had a blast rummaging through her drawers and cabinets.  Well, maybe that was just me that was having all the fun.  Thanks so much Justina for opening up your beautiful office to see!

I apologize for the small type on the pictures – This is a new process and I wanted to try using Skitch (which I LOVE) but will do it better for next month’s Office Voyeur – stay tuned!  :)

The Before….


The After…





The all important drawer dividers from Ikea that everyone needs!





Amazing Life Hacks.

It’s always nice to find clever solutions to the little snags one comes across in cooking, building, cleaning, or just about anything. These are some of the most clever life hacks every human being needs to know.















































Quote of the week.


Happy Summer…enjoy a free copy of my E-book!

Soooo many people struggle in trying to find that elusive “perfect” system that will serve all of their needs and be the magic bullet to their quest for optimizing their time and energy.  If ONLY there was such a thing … well, then I’d be out of a job.  :)

The perfect system is internal to each of us and the way you do one thing affects the way you do something else when it comes to life efficiency.  For instance the way your space is physically organized has a direct connection to how you manage your time and how you manage your time has a direct connection to what your master and daily task lists look like.  They all work together – just like health – you don’t look just at one area when you’re sick, you put the pieces together to complete the picture.

Same for productivity… thus, enter The Productivity Puzzle.


This is the model, or framework that I created years ago that is the foundation for all of my work.  Once I created it, I wrote a book on it.

Today, I want to give you a copy of that book as a thank you for being a member of my community and blog reader and supporter of my work.  I couldn’t do what I do and I wouldn’t be as enthusiastic doing what I do without your support.  So, thank you.

In order to download a copy of the E-book, The Productivity Puzzle, you’ll need to click HERE and use the discount code TIME at checkout.  (discount for print version only)

As a return request, I ask you kindly to send my work further out to the Universe and forward this blog post onto at least one other person that you think would find it beneficial and would love a complimentary copy of my e-book.

Thank you so much -  let me know what you think as I would value your feedback.

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Productive! Magazine Article.

I was soooo excited to get an email from one of the editors at Productive! Magazine asking if I’d write an article for them in the most recent issue.  I have loved this online magazine since it’s inception and I read it cover to cover each time it’s delivered to my in-box, so you can imagine how loudly my squeal of delight was when I was asked to contribute.  It’s moments like these that I realize how incredibly lucky I am to do what I do and have the opportunity to spread my message and thoughts and ideas.

I also liked that I was given choices on what to write on (this is a rarity in the writing world), so after some deliberation, I settled on a mix of ideas and landed with  5 Differences Between Average and Uber Productive and had a blast writing it.

I would encourage you to check this magazine out and follow the writers and guests – good stuff!


Here’s my article — where do you fall?

What is it that highly productive people really do that makes the difference? Sure, they stave off procrastination, and, of course, they often wake up earlier in the morning than their counterparts – but what is really underneath their increased levels of productivity day after day?

As a productivity consultant and coach, I have worked with thousands of individuals on this very topic. Here is what I have found: There are five pinnacle items that highly productive people do differently than your average person. Think of these items as points to a star. And, as you know, stars stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

First Point: Understanding that everything is a choice.

People who are uber-productive don’t complain about what they have to do or need to get done. They understand at a deeper level that everything (not matter who is doling out work to them) is a choice in the end. Think about it. Even when you are told you must do something, your choices of how you do it, when you do it, and where you do it have a massive impact on its successful, or otherwise, completion. Those choices are all within one’s control. Once you get this, work and other life have-to’s become much less oppressive and stressful.

Second Point: Believing their brains are connected to their bodies.

Productivity, and all that goes with it, starts in your brain. Uber-productive people understand that their mind is their greatest asset when it comes to increasing productivity. They realize that working with and training their minds ultimately will give them a competitive edge. Meditation activates the part of your brain responsible for creativity and intuition, as well as helping to get blood flowing back to the part of the brain responsible for helping to make the best decisions. I call that a pretty small investment for big results. An excellent ROI, if you will. Uber-productive people also understand how proper nutrition at the right times and plenty of sleep nurture their mind, bodies, and souls. They know these to be the true building blocks to a higher level of stamina.

Third Point: Listening to others and course correcting as needed.

Easier said than done, right? We all want to be good at this, but the uber-productive person knows that this is at the core of working smarter, not harder. The prime example for the fastest way to get there is to stop talking and start listening. Listening is an acquired skill and most people do way more talking than listening. In life and work, it’s imperative to critically listen and then course correct as needed. Uber-productive managers know that their best solutions come from their team, and if they ask the right questions and stop talking, they’ll get all the information they need.

Fourth Point: Intentionally letting things go.

In order to get to the things that matter, something has to be let go. It just can’t be any other way. The biggest plea I hear from people when engaged in a coaching relationship with them is “I want to get more done in my day.” My immediate response is “What are you willing to let go”? This feels counterproductive to the average person, but to an uber-productive person, this makes perfect sense, like balancing out a mathematical equation. Figure out what can be let go and intentionally let it go. The uber-productive among us prune and curate what’s in front of them; they decide what is not going to happen or what can or needs to be delegated. You know the song from Frozen, Let it Go? Yeah, do that!

Fifth Point: Trusting the process.

When asked for my best piece of advice, my favorite response is “Trust the process.” These are three powerful words, and it’s what uber-productive people do all the time – from trusting the systems and structures they created, to trusting knowing when it’s the right time to let something go, to trusting the process of their life unfolding on the right path at its own pace. It’s all relevant. When a highly productive person is on the right path, trusting the process, life becomes easier. They are possibly happier, and getting the things done when they are supposed to be with optimal efficiency becomes a breeze.

Remember, uber-productive people are made, not born. Sure, some come to it easier than others, but uber-productive people work at their high-efficiency status. They struggle. They practice. And, they keep on shining the five points of their productivity star.