Quote of the week.


Quote of the Week.


Summer Summer Summer Time!

My 7-year old son, Ben, finished 1st grade yesterday and that means it’s officially summertime!  While my little Zack (4.5 years) is in his preschool program year round, summertime gives us a relaxing of time.  During the school year it’s all systems go Monday-Friday to be on time to school, get out the door in one piece, get all tasks done before bed and just try to stay sane.  Steve and I are often passing ships during the week with all that goes on during the school year.  So, we welcome a bit more slack in the summer.


Annnd, this means some time in Minnesota!  I’m hitting the road with my boys (just my little guys and I) for a week this Saturday and I’m NOT TAKING MY LAPTOP!!  Let me say that again, I’m NOT TAKING MY LAPTOP!!  This is big (which is why I’m shouting)  :)  I am very ready to unplug and rejuvenate in the north country and just hang with my boys and my family.  I love these getaways but often feel compelled to work “ON” my business while I’m away.  Not this time – I’m officially unplugged!

I have had some really incredible client moments lately, powerful moments during consulting and coaching with individuals and teams and of course, my favorite – some great speaking gigs!  I spoke this last week to a full room of Human Resource Professionals on Their Individual Productivity Process – and why their minds matter most.  I got fabulous feedback from a woman that attended and wanted to share this ditty with you…

Just wanted to let you know that your talk at HRCC yesterday had a big impact on me. I didn’t realize it at the time. But just a few minutes ago I realized that I had (a) cleaned up my workspace (2) created a written to do list from what I was cleaning (3) did the 2 second tasks as I uncovered them (4) sent an email to my accountibilibuddy. And it is 9:22 a.m. Thanks again.

– Beth

Thank you Beth Wonson (www.bethwonson.com).

I honestly feel like the luckiest person on the planet – I get to do what I absolutely love everyday, I get to create anything and everything I want that helps make an impact on people AND I get to hear from those people directly about how my work affects their life – amazing!

One last thing – I’m continuing to train hard for the Avon 39 Walk that I will be doing in September… to read more about this and make a $39 dollar donation (or more if you wish), please visit my personal page by clicking HERE.  My goal is $5,000 and I’m over HALFWAY THERE!  Our collective team goal (so stoked to have 10 other amazingly beautiful ladies by my side for this journey) is $50,000 and we are at $20,000 already – I’m so proud!  Please donate if you have been affected in any way by cancer – a parent, a friend, a colleague… or perhaps you have personally been affected.  This is a WONDERFUL opportunity to pay it forward – the money raised goes towards research, education, prevention and awareness.

Thank you – I’m out for a few weeks, but will be back in July – Be well!


Quote of the Week.


Quote of the week.