Quote of the week.


Quote of the week.


It’s Moving Week!

This is the week our family has been anxiously awaiting for a very long time.  Our home buying journey started over 2 years ago and I will spare you the looooooong list of ups and downs and infinite small details and bumps that we’ve encountered along the way and just skip to the good stuff.

We’re moving this week! 

So, between moving our house and now straddling 2 households (have been doing this for over a month), doing some minimal remodel work on a bathroom at the new house (encountered leaking pipes – always a bonus), continuing to run my business and stay present to that piece, manage my boys lives and all that goes with that, it’s also crazy birthday season at my house – All 3 of my boys birthdays are intermingled through the next 2 months on top of the normal holiday craziness, so all this rambling is leading me to here…. I’m taking the month of November off from blogging.

I need to refocus and get my family settled and keep all of the other balls up in the air, so giving myself a bit of breathing room here… as always, when one area of life ramps up, something else has to be toned down.  I have some quotes coming your way in November to stay a bit in your lives and I’ll be back in December and will start with the post:  5 Things I’m loving about my new house!

Stay tuned and have a beautifully abundant November,




Sara Caputo, M.A.

Office Voyeur: Santa Barbara Gift Baskets

I’ve been really loving seeking out new victims friends/colleagues/family members/clients to take on the office voyeur challenge.


This month, I am highlighting my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Anne Pazier, owner of Santa Barbara Gift Baskets.  Now, you’re thinking… gift baskets, what’s the big deal, right?  Well, let me tell you… this is quite an operation that Anne runs!

Here’s her big picture strategy board… (a brilliant tool if I do say so myself)….

whiteboard 1

She has one, count them ONE full-time employee. This entire operation runs off her and one other person. Seriously amazing. She puts out some of the most beautiful, thoughtful, fun gift baskets and does them often in HUGE numbers… think: what to get clients for a gift? (gift basket). got a sick friend in the hospital? (gift basket). what to get friends that had a baby? (gift basket). what to get corporate partners, business partners, and clients? (gift basket).  going somewhere for Thanksgiving and need a host gift?  (yep, gift basket).  :)

Get the picture? Here’s where the magic happens…


 Anne features local artisan foods, wines and beers in her baskets…. they are customized and created with a whole lotta love (and they are obviously beautiful with that ribbon)!  Her website is organized and very very user-friendly.  I often think of ordering a gift basket and then don’t know where to start – she makes it easy to find what you want by looking through categories and she gives you ideas for each event or special occasion.  You can create an account on her site too so coming back again and again becomes very easy to do while shopping.  How incredibly efficient!  one more thing… she ships anywhere!  Bonus!

production area

As you can imagine, Anne’s business starts really ramping up this time of year given that we’re heading into the holidays – to keep sane, she categorizes items for clarity and stays on top of her paperwork by spending focused business time in the office area – away from the bustle of the production and packaging.


Oh, and did I mention that she was named the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2013 in Goleta (the city where her business resides)?  Heck yeah – so proud of her!

famous girl

As many of you know I love supporting women (and men) that are making a go of it based on a dream or a plan or a goal that was once schemed up… this is a homegrown business – often her kids are in the office helping her and her husband (while a dashing firefighter by day) is her partner within the business.

Sooooo, if you haven’t already clicked on one of the MANY orange links I have put into this post that take you to her site, then do it NOW and click HERE to check out her amazingness and don’t forget to get your orders in early — last year she had a 400 basket order at this time of year and yep, as you guessed it, she got it done and out the door right on time.  :)

I’m so proud of you Anne – keep up your incredible entrepreneurial spirit and keep making beautiful baskets for all the world to enjoy!

Quote of the week.