Sara Caputo, MA

Known for her engaging style and vibrant personality, Sara Caputo, MA, is a dynamic productivity coach, consultant, and trainer based in Santa Barbara, California.

She is the founder and principal of RADIANT, a professional organizing and productivity consulting company. Sara is a sought-after speaker, seminar leader & workshop facilitator, and author of the e-book, The Productivity Puzzle: What’s Your Missing Piece?

She is passionate about working with individuals, teams and small businesses to create applicable and tailored solutions for their individual workflow, goals and lives. She has a unique way of getting to the heart of the matter, by providing clarity and processes for her clients that enable them to participate more fully in all levels of life.

Sara provides real, workable solutions and strategies, streamlining of environments, and simplifying of processes. 

Sara’s diverse hands on experience includes:

  • In-group process facilitation
  • Project management
  • Team building
  • Individual coaching
  • Provides a unique method for helping individuals, teams and small businesses become more effective and improve their bottom line.

With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology, Sara is nationally recognized as an expert in her field; Sara has been featured in “Working Woman” and “Success” magazines as well as on Her column “Productivity Corner” appears regularly in the Santa Barbara News-Press and she has written thousands of articles for various publications in many varied areas around productivity.

Additionally she consults for the Santa Barbara County Small Business Development Center and is an expert contributor and consultant for Women’s Economic Ventures.

Sara currently lives in Santa Barbara with her husband, 2 young sons and is at work on her new book, The Productivity Puzzle for Couples.